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The Wagner College Friends of the Library works to provide the very best educational resources for students through the academic heart of the College. They promote the use of advanced technology to further enhance the resources available to students, faculty and other library users. All contributions help the Library provide the best technology and information resources for Wagner College students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Funding Priorities for The Horrmann Library

  • DATABASE SUBSCRIPTION SUPPORT - Funds donated for database support will defray the ever-rising costs of journal subscriptions.
    We anticipate at least a 5% increase in cost every academic year
  • COLLECTION SUPPORT - Funds to purchase books/DVDs in the following subject areas in need of significant updating over and above normal annual purchases:*
    Nursing (accredited program) – 150 volumes, $80 avg. price per item
    Business Administration (accredited program) – 200 volumes, $50 avg. price per item
    Education (accredited program) – 100 volumes, $35 avg. price per item
    Physician Assistant (accredited program) – 25 volumes, $100 avg. price per item
    Modern Languages – internationalization, additional languages offered in the curriculum – 75 volumes, $35 avg. price per item
    Computer Science – 25 volumes, $62 avg. price per item
    *Due to long-established relationships with vendors and publishers the Library is able to realize significant discounts on purchased materials.
  • GENERAL SUPPORT - Additional ways you can help the Library:
    Friends of the Library Inner Circle – $1500 – includes Wagner College Inner Circle benefits

Gift Materials Acceptance Policy

In addition to donations of funds, the Horrmann Library also welcomes gifts and contributions for the development of its collection if the content is current and support the curriculum. Gifts are evaluated by the same standard as purchased items to ensure that the collection maintains quality, consistency, and relevance to the needs of the college. Restrictions apply regarding gift acceptance policy and are as follows.

Gift materials are accepted under the following conditions:

  • The Library reserves the right to determine their retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations related to their use. Bookplates identifying the donor will be provided upon request. Items not appropriate for the collection will be discarded.
  • In rare cases gifts will be refused if there are unacceptable conditions attached to the donation (i.e. restrictive borrowing limits) not in keeping with the mission of the Library.
  • To protect the donor and the College and comply with U.S. tax laws, the Library cannot appraise gifts for tax purposes.
  • The donation of old books, magazines, newspapers, or items in poor condition is discouraged.

Please contact Dennis Schaub, Interim Dean of the Library, for further information, or 718-390-3778.