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Horrmann Library OneSearch - FAQ


Q. What is OneSearch?

A. OneSearch is a new search tool powered by the Ebsco Discovery Service.  It allows you to search (almost!) all of the library's collections with a single search.

Q. Why use OneSearch?

A. OneSearch allows you to quickly search a large number of resources and databases, all at once.  You might use it as a starting point to do a quick overview search of what the library has on a particular topic.  Or, you might use OneSearch after searching subject-specific databases, to see if you may have missed any valuable sources in other databases.

Q. Are there times when I would NOT want to use OneSearch?

A. OneSearch complements the subject-specific databases by allowing a quick and broad search of all our library resources.  However in some cases (particularly for advanced research), a more subject-specific database may be a better option.  For example, OneSearch will not include the advanced indexing or advanced searching features that might be present in a database designed specifically for research in a certain subject area.

Also, since OneSearch searches almost everything in the library, sometimes you might find more than you want or need. A subject-specific database may help you find more targeted results.

Q. What am I searching when I use OneSearch?

A. One Search searches all of the following Horrmann Library resources:

  •    Print Books
  •    Ebooks
  •    DVDs and videos
  •    Streaming video clips
  •    Most library journal databases including:
    • All EbscoHost databases
    • JSTOR
    • ScienceDirect
    • Oxford Art and Oxford Music online
    • Most journals from our other databases

Q. What library sources are NOT included in OneSearch?

A. The following sources are not included:

  • SciFinder Scholar (Chemical Abstracts)
  • Some individual journals from certain databases may be excluded due to publisher restrictions

Q. How do I limit or filter my results in OneSearch?

A. OneSearch allows you to narrow down your results list by use of "facets". These facets are found along the left-hand side of the page whenever you are viewing a list of results.  You can narrow your results by date, type of publication, language, peer-reviewed only, etc.  You can also add additional words to your search, to find more specific results.

Q. How can I get more help in using OneSearch?

A. You can get a lot more information and tutorials from Ebsco's Support Site.  You can also get help from a librarian by phone, email, text, or IM chat - all our contact info is available on our Ask a Librarian page.  And of course, you can always stop by the library, where a librarian will be happy to assist you!

Dennis Schaub
Senior Reference Librarian
Subjects: Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Film Studies, Psychology, Sociology
(718) 390-3378