Ebrary e-books Download Guide

Download instructions for Ebrary books

Ebrary now allows users to download ebooks to their computer or to portable devices such as Ipads or e-readers. 

-Users can download individual chapters or a range of pages from a book into a permanent PDF file that can be saved or viewed using the Adobe Reader.
-They can also download entire books for a limited time period using Adobe Digital Editions.
-Books can also be downloaded directly from the Ipad web browser by using a 3rd-party reading app such as the BlueFire Reader.


To download Ebrary books, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create an Ebrary user account.

  • In order to download Ebooks from Ebrary, you must be signed into your Ebrary account.
  • If you don't have an account, connect to Ebrary from the Horrmann Library home page, and click the "Sign In" link at the top of the page.  Then choose "Create an Account".


Step 2: Choose download method.

Books can be downloaded from Ebrary by clicking on the "Download" icon at the top of the book's page.

  • Option 1:   Create a PDF of a specific chapter or page range
    • Limited to either one chapter at a time or a range of pages (usually 60, but sometimes less due to publisher restrictions).
    • Standard PDFs can be read on most computers and devices, including the Kindle.
    • Additional (free) software is typically not needed.
    • Files do not expire.
    • More info can be found at http://support.ebrary.com/kb/download-type-1/.

  • Option 2:   Download an entire ebook in Adobe Digital Editions
  • Option 3: Download an entire ebook to your Ipad directly from the Ipad browser
    • First you must have an Adobe ID (this can be created from any computer at  https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/membership).
    • Second, install the BlueFire Reader app to your Ipad (search for Bluefire reader from the App Store on your Ipad).
    • Connect to Ebrary from the Horrmann Library home page.  Sign into your Ebrary account.
    • Click green download icon to download the book, and choose the "Download entire book" option.
    • Follow the prompts, including signing into your Adobe ID.
    • The downloaded book will now be available in your Ipad's BlueFire folder, and can be opened and read using the BlueFire app.
    • More info can be found at http://support.ebrary.com/kb/using-ipad-to-download/



    • Certain books may not be able to be downloaded in their entirety due to publisher restrictions.  In this case you may need to use the PDF download option and download specific pages or chapters.
    • For more assistance, contact a librarian at http://wagner.edu/library/help/.


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